The Top 5 Reasons You Should Play Roblox

If you ever ventured into my house, you would quickly see that I am an avid Roblox player. I mean, I’m online basically every moment I’m awake except when I shower or sleep, and Roblox is a major part of my online time daily.


I’ve been playing for at least six years, and possibly longer. It’s a challenging, yet laid back fun game and one that players of all ages can enjoy. Here’s the top five reasons that I think you, and everyone else, should check Roblox out and start playing today!


  1. There are thousands of games made by individual players on Roblox that are available to all players. This means you have a wide variety of different games to play and you won’t ever find yourself bored or feel stuck with just one game. Some of these games do require the player to pay with Robux, the currency used on Roblox, to play. Don’t worry though! If you don’t have the dough, you can still play thousands of other games on Roblox with no charge at all for as long as you want. I was a free player for years, and even now, when I run out of Robux, I still play for free.




  1. You can customize your avatar. The catalog is used to find clothing such as shirts, pants, hats and gear for your avatar. You can go from trendy one day to businesslike and professional the next. There’s really no limit to the creative ideas a person can come up with to dress their avatar.




  1. It is an excellent way to make friends. With over 178 million accounts on Roblox, you are almost guaranteed to find a few online friends along the way.




  1. Throughout the year, Roblox holds many events that reward the player with some really cool items for their character upon completion. Typically, there will be three games chosen and the games are updated to match the theme of the event.




  1. The final reason is that it’s free to play! All that is needed to get started is a quick download. There are, of course, purchases you can make to get more for your character and to buy access to the paid access games, but this is expected in all online games. Yes, you can find some cool stuff in the paid games and I play quite a few of those, but when you’re just starting out, it’s nice to be able to play Roblox for free so you can see how fun it is.



Now that you see some of the best reasons to check Roblox out, what’s stopping you? Hop online and play today! Be sure to look me up when you enter!

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  2. Thomas Borshch June 10, 2020 at 4:57 pm

    Like It! I love Roblox too like u!

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